We have something pretty cool coming up.

Most of you will have encountered Burt Goldman, of Quantum Jumping fame. We’re helping Burt put on a 2 day Quantum Jumping seminar in San Diego on October 1st + 2nd and it’s going to be epic. Speakers include Christie Marie Sheldon, The Modern Mystery School, and our very own Vishen Lakhiani (check out the video above to discover what he’ll be talking about!).

Quantum Jumping is the best-selling program by Burt Goldman. It needs no introduction. It’s been the #1 selling program on the Mindvalley Catalogue for 3 years straight. And this is your chance to learn it direct from the master himself, 84 year old legend, Burt Goldman.

And the cool part is, we’d really like to meet up with you!

As Vishen is speaking, we’ve reserved 40 seats with an 80% discount just for FinerMinds readers. We don’t want cost to stop anyone from making it as this is such a cool opportunity to meet up with you all and connect people in the FinerMinds community. This means your ticket is a mere $99.

Not only will you get to meet Vishen, Burt and Christie at the event….we want to jump a step further and get to know you over a glass of wine.

Conversations always flow better after hours!

So we’ll be hosting a FinerMinds MeetUp in San Diego for any of you in the area, giving you the chance to get to know Vishen and a few more of the peeps in our team in-person. As well as making new friends in the FinerMinds community.

Best bit? Vishen has promised the first round of drinks are on him ;)

So if you’d like to join us in San Diego at the live event, we have  40 spots reserved right now with 80% off.

Hoping to see you in San Diego!

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