Stop violenceWhat are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

We’d like to put a pause on the chocolates and flowers and invite everyone to unite in support of a different kind of V-Day.

Sadly, one in every three women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. That equates to one billion sisters, daughters, friends and mothers.

Tomorrow, the organizers of V-Day are urging one billion people from around the world to rise up and demand an end to this violence by staging an event in their local communities.

Whether it be a march, a flash mob dance held in your local mall, a speech to raise awareness in schools, or taking part in one of the thousand of events that are happening around the world – we hope that you can join us in supporting this worthy cause.

Check out the 1 Billion Rising website to find out how you can start a rising, or to join one that is happening in your local area. You can also show your support by sharing this post on your Facebook wall and with your friends, too.

If you’re doing anything in your local area, even if it’s just something in your office, please tell us what it is below, or share this article with your friends to help spread awareness.


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