UPDATE: I put up a new video explaining more on PhilosophersNotes now that this blog post has blown past 2000+ comments. That’s amazing. Here’s the further update.

So recently my team at MindValley launched a product that is hands down, the most exciting product I’ve ever been involved with.

It’s basically a way for people to soak up the BIGGEST ideas, knowledge, and impact from the top 100 greatest personal development books EVER.

It’s called PhilosophersNotes.

I want you to watch this video below because in it, I’ll tell you how I’m giving away a hundred copies of this for FREE to any FinerMinds reader.

Click to Watch the 2 Min Video Below to Learn How to Get Your PhilosophersNotes for Free (100 Copies being Given Away).

No signup, no catch, no payment of shipping and handling. I’ll just be responding to the commenters directly.

How to participate:

All you have to do to take part in this challenge is comment below. Really, that’s it.

1) Just say why you want to be part of this and what you think you’ll get out of it.
2) Tell us which book you look forward to most

The deadline for comments is December 29, 2009. You have to get your comment in by then to be considered for one of the 100 PhilosophersNotes.

The top 100 comments will get to take part in the challenge.

Now, here are the details on the 50 Days Challenge

If you are one of the 100 chosen, you will be given a new Note each day for 50 days, starting January 4th.

You’ll receive 50 notes. Each in the form of a 6 page PDF and a 20 min audio.

You will go through a process where you will absorb the biggest ideas from one great book in personal growth everyday. Just by reading a single PhilosophersNote. Your only commitment is to spend 20 minutes a day going through the Note.

I’ll be with you each step of the way. In fact, we’ll be setting up a community forum where all 100 participants can interact with each other and share their growth (more on that later).

Why the challenge:

The idea of this challenge is to see how much your sense of self, your life, your confidence, and your ability to create and imagine a more positive future for yourself is influenced when you’ve gone through 50 of the greatest books in personal growth via PhilsophersNotes (which is just half of the full product).

You will get the entire product, but the first 50 books you’ll go through will be picked and released on an day-by-day basis by me. So every day, I’ll send the “note of the day” to the group. We’ll study it in our free time and discuss it on the discussion page we’ll create.

Get commenting!

So if you’re ready to see some big changes in your life, drop a comment below. I can’t wait to read them and get to know you better throughout this challenge.

After December 29th, we’ll be picking the top 100 comments to take part in this challenge.

Dec 30th UPDATE: I put up a new video explaining more on PhilosophersNotes now that this blog post has blown past 2000+ comments. That’s amazing! Here’s the further update and behind the scenes view of PhilosophersNotes >>