We know this is a dumb question, but… “do you want to achieve greatness?”

We’re guessing most of you said yes to this question.

After all, no one really dreams about a life of mediocrity, do they?

So if you need a little help crossing that threshold, or if you’re looking for ways to optimize your existing potential, today’s book, Overachievement by Dr. John Eliot, Ph.D., is for you.

Overachievement by Dr. John Eliot

“Overachievement is aimed at people who want to maximize their potential. And to do that, I insist you throw caution at the wind, ignore the pleas of parents, coaches, spouses, and bosses to be ‘realistic.’ Realistic people do not accomplish extraordinary things because the odds of success stymie them. The best performers ignore the odds.” – Dr. John Eliot from Overachievement

And some words from Brian on the book: “If you’re into achieving greatness and love to see the hero in action – you’ll love this book. John Eliot, relative of T. S. Eliot, and a long line of Harvard Presidents, is brilliant. He’s one of the world’s leading authorities on peak performers and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo of high performance. He’s also a great writer. And, this book is an incredibly fun, inspiring read – with Eliot’s articulate and brilliantly blunt explanations of what makes the great performers perform greatly.”

If you want to read reviews of Overachievement and get more info on this book, check out its Amazon page.

And as always, what’s your biggest “Aha!” moment from today’s challenge, and how are you going to implement it into your life? Simply drop us comment below and let the discussions roll!

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