Are you in tune with your sixth sense?

You know the one, that little voice deep inside that calls out to you (sometimes to the sound of alarm bells) to help nudge you in the right direction.

But unlike our other senses such as our vision, smell, touch, hearing and taste, tuning into our sixth sense (aka our intuition or emotional guidance system) requires more fine-tuning. Although, once you learn how to decode this system, you’ll be on the path to greater happiness, peace and confidence.

So to help you learn how to trust your sixth sense (and unlock your power to tap into it), in today’s challenge, we’ll be looking at Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette.

Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette“Trusting your vibes is a way of life that creates a partnership with God and moves through you each day as though it were a dance with the Divine. What you will discover when practicing these six-sensory secrets is that for every step you take toward Divine Spirit by trusting your vibes, it will take a step toward you – and together, you’ll create a life of grace, harmony, simplicity, and abundance. This may seem far-fetched and unlikely to the five-sensory person, but to the six- sensory psychic and soulful person, this is only the beginning. It keeps getting better and better.” – Sonia Choquette

And a few words from Brian:

“Sonia likes to call our sixth sense our ‘vibes’ and in this great book we learn the ‘secret tools for six-sensory living.’ It’s a fun, inspiring book packed with big idea to help us tap into our intuition and emotional guidance system’s good ol’ vibes to create an extraordinary life.”

And as always, to take part in today’s challenge, just watch the video and share your BIGGEST “Aha!” moment from today’s challenge below!

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P.S. Are you harnessing the power of your intuition?

When used correctly, intuition can be your most powerful asset. If you want to learn how to tune into your intuition, check out Sonia Choquette’s transformational course Awaken Your Intuition.

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