“Who will you have to become to achieve all you want?” – Tony Robbins

Get ready for a big one.

In today’s challenge, we’ll be studying one of the personal growth industry’s iconic greats (quite literally)… Mr Tony Robbins.

However, we’ll be doing things a little differently, as we won’t be studying his book, but some of his biggest ideas.

Having literally filled his notebook capturing Tony’s greatest ideas over the years, Brian will share a few of the ones that are responsible for transforming his life.

So, are you ready to transform yours too?

To take part in today’s challenge, simply listen to Brian’s video and share your thoughts below. And, if you’re completely hooked on this challenge and want to get Brian’s complete Philosophers Notes, click here to get your copy.

P.S. Interested in learning what our favorite Tony Robbins book is if we have to pick one? After much deliberation, it would have to be Unlimited Power. What’s yours? 

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