When someone takes to the stage at Awesomeness Fest, we know we’re going to be blown away by the type of still and contemplative silence that only comes from experiencing something authentic and extraordinary.

So when Philip McKernan, well-known coach, speaker and author gave his presentation, his words were fuelled with such passion and meaning, that they’re still – two months after the event – having an impact on the way we think.

In his 1-hour talk, Philip explains how we are conditioned to strive toward goals based on what our mind believes we “should” be doing, rather than following the pathway our intuition is trying to pave toward living a happy and an authentic life.

Watch this empowering video to learn what Philip calls the “Authenticity Code” and how you can stop living in your head, and start living based on your intuition.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on his presentation. Did his words move, empower or touch you? Please share your response to the video below.

P.S. Are you harnessing the power of your intuition?

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