In this six-minute video, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, author and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh, explains the concept of Nirvana, and the path to achieving this magical enlightenment.

At 1:20, he begins to delve into the Buddhist meaning of Nirvana, explaining that it’s the cessation of all suffering, one that is only achievable by removing our misconceptions about life, including those on what we perceive birth and death to be.

“When you remove these notions, you are free, you have no fear. And no fear is the foundation of true happiness… Nirvana is the capacity of removing wrong notions and perceptions… Nirvana can be translated as freedom from views.”

We think his description of a life lived without fear and the path to enlightenment is a beautiful one. What are you thoughts on the concept of Nirvana? Particularly the views towards birth and death?

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