Being optimisticFor many of us, it’s not uncommon to feel like our direction has gone a little off course at some point during our lives.

While on the surface everything may be seem fine, underneath there’s a feeling of discontentment simmering away regarding our level of success, relationships, career or family life; leading us to feel like life has let us down and that our are talents are not being fully utilized.

As a personal mastery trainer and writer on happiness, my response to this is often one of agreement – as there are many instances in which our talents are not being fully realized. But guess what? This is true and will always be true for each and every one of us.

It was true of Einstein, Da Vinci, Lincoln and Gandhi, in addition to many others of their ilk and fame. It is part of the nature of life as a human being. The only way out of this is to become a fully enlightened being, but then there is no “you” left whose talents are not being utilized!

If you’ve found yourself to be trapped in this mindset, the problem is that you are spending too much time focusing on what you think is wrong with your life, and too little celebrating the many things that are actually pretty good about it.

Do you have a bed to sleep in, a roof over your head, an indoor toilet and a computer that you’re reading this from?

If so, you’re already better off than many.

Don’t get me wrong – I am sure that there is much in your life that you would like to change and it is perfectly legitimate to try to do so. What matters is the emotional space you occupy as you try to bring about those changes. If this space is one where you feel there are too many things wrong with your life and that you must try to change these as soon as possible, then chances are you will be miserable.

However, if this space is more of a positive one where you think life is pretty darn good and that there are some things around that would make it much better, then each day will be a blast.

Funnily enough, if your attitude is the latter, you’ll find that the changes you want to make are easier and come faster.

Here is a tale I like to tell to people when they feel like their lives are heading in the wrong direction, and to help convey how the Law of Attraction really works with regards to our mindset.

He was a poor farmer and came to the holy man because his wife nagged him incessantly to do so and ask for bounty. “Honored Sir,” he beseeched, “My wife forced me to come to you. She feels our home is too small. Please grant me the boon of a bigger house.”

The sage thought for a while and then asked him, “Do you have a cow in your barn?”
“Indeed yes, Sir,” said the farmer surprised. “Move the cow into the house with you and do it right away!” the sage instructed.

So the man moved the cow into the house and the wife had to acquiesce because it was the holy man’s diktat but she was not happy and nagged harder till the farmer came again to the sage with the same request.

“Move your pig into the house and do it now!” said the sage. And this was done and the wife became more agitated and aggrieved and made the poor man’s life so unbearable that he soon found himself before the wise teacher again.

“Move your chickens into the house immediately,” he was told. There were many chickens and they flew all over and cackled incessantly so neither the farmer nor his wife could sleep and the wife drove the farmer unmercifully till he came back to the sage again.

“Please don’t tell me to move anything else into the house,” he said immediately. “We can scarcely get into the house ourselves, so little space do we have.”

“Move the cow back to the barn, the pig to the sty and the chickens to their coop,” instructed the holy man.

The man did as commanded. And the next day his wife was smiling as she commented, “How spacious our house is!”

There is a lesson here for you.

We recognize the value of what we have only after we have lost it.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be grateful for what you have and, from this space of gratitude; start making the changes to your life that you feel you’re able to make.

You will be more successful. You will also find more joy in your life.

This article acts as a simple reminder of how our mindset alters our reality, and how we can all take charge of our happiness. When you feel like life has given you lemons, what do you tell yourself so you can make “lemonade”? Please share it with us below.

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