Embracing mistakesDiscovering the benefits and lessons that are hidden within your mistakes will profoundly improve your well-being and success.

So instead of turning a blind eye, pretending it didn’t happen, or burying yourself under feelings of shame or guilt when you make a mistake, catch the lesson while it’s still fresh as what you’ll notice is that life suddenly looks a whole lot rosier.

Not sure how? Here are five ways you can begin to look at mistakes in a way that will allow you to move forward with grace and awareness.

1) Let Go and Forgive

The world may seem unforgiving but I can assure you, the more you forgive yourself for your mistakes, the more people around you will as well, and the easier they can be corrected.

Life is a mirror after all. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, the same mistakes occur over and over again, so keep forgiving yourself and let go of the need for others to forgive you – as it may never happen.

Mistakes can be corrected, but it’s a lot harder if you’re still punishing yourself for them.

2) Learn From the Lesson

Behind every mistake, there is a valuable insight waiting to be learned.

Denying that you’ve made a mistake, or placing blame upon someone else, will only prevent you from learning from the lesson – causing your power to be given away.

Instead, begin the steps to reclaim your power by admitting and acknowledging the mistake. By owning up to others, you give them an opportunity to forgive.

Furthermore, with nothing having meaning except for the meaning you give it, why not be grateful for the lesson you learned from your mistake? By looking deep inside, it is possible to feel gratitude when you look at the bigger picture and can see that perhaps it needed to be made.

3) Ask Questions

Asking better questions is what attracts the solutions we desire.

If you keep asking the same questions like, “What do I keep doing wrong?”, you’re inclined to keep getting similar results.

But when you ask yourself empowering questions like, “What can I do differently next time?”, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Through fine-tuning the question asking process, you achieve greater clarity about what needs to happen next, and have the opportunity to discover a better path.

4) Embrace Your Fear

Don’t run away from your fear or pretend it’s not there. The more you fear making mistakes, the more likely an act of self-sabotage will occur.

Fear has the ability to paralyze you, leaving you with a feeling of being unable to take the next step forward – meaning the dream life remains a dream. So be willing to trust yourself and the quiet voice within that guides you.

Try writing lists of gratitude for all that has gone well – and you will discover faith you never knew existed, then consciously give permission to the fear to be on its way, letting it know that it’s no longer needed.

While the fear may not disappear completely, having courage of the heart and by taking that next step forward, the voice of fear will at least be softened.

5) Tune In to Your Intuition

By asking better questions and engaging in a healthy visualization process, you also strengthen your ability to hear and trust the voice of your intuition.

Sometimes the voices of others are our guiding lights, although these voices can also mirror our fears – so we need to know when to tune out from them.

A mind riddled with worry only diminishes the voice of the intuition. To strengthen your intuition, try practices such as yogic meditation and set the intention of trusting yourself. Let go of the need to be right, and listen to intuitive guidance. Trust it, and it will take you far.

No success was ever achieved without some mistakes along the way. Our failures are what help us step into the grandest version of ourselves, so by learning to accept and embrace them you’ll often find a hidden lesson that needed to be learned.

Do you agree that behind every mistake is a greater lesson to be learned? If so, tell us how you embrace your mistakes and move forward with strength.

P.S. Are you harnessing the power of your intuition?

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