Hey guys,

I want to introduce you to the new author of The Healer’s Way blog. The Healer’s Way is part of the MindValley family and its focus is on – yep, all things healing. This isn’t just for people with health concerns. The Healer’s Way is for anyone aiming to live a whole and happy life by balancing their Finer Minds with happy hearts, some spiritual umph and physical zing!

What’s The Healer’s Way all about?

The blog author’s name is Dawn DelVecchio, and not only is she an experienced writer, she’s spent more than three decades learning about alternative healing. Dawn’s got some really cool plans for The Healer’s Way, and she’ll be bringing her readers the latest information on healers and teachers for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Here’s just a few topics she’s planning to cover:

So if you’re ready to get some useful tips on alternative healing of all kinds, you’ve got two awesome choices.

  1. go to The Healer’s Way Facebook page, choose ‘like’ and join discussions on lots of  topics like chakra healing, self-empowered healing, Reiki and other cool stuff.
  2. go to TheHealersWay.com and sign up to learn even more about healing for your body, your mind and your spirit.

I know Dawn’s eager to find out what you want to learn about, so check out The Healer’s Way and let her know.

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