AbundanceDespite all of your hard work, do you have moments where you start to become antsy and wonder why you don’t have what you want yet?

We all get impatient when we’re waiting for abundance to flow into our lives – regardless of whether it comes in the form of money, opportunities or people.

However, did you know that impatience is the number one emotion that actually blocks abundance from flowing into our lives? To speed up our manifestations, we need to find a way to address our impatience and enjoy the anticipation of our dreams unfolding.

This can be tricky if you feel you’ve tried everything possible to turn your dreams into reality, such as following the Law of Attraction, making vision boards, writing your gratitude list and doing anything else that is supposed to speed up your manifestations.

However, when we’re caught in the cycle of looking for abundance, and then feeling impatient because it hasn’t arrived yet, we actually slow down our manifestations from arriving.

In my personal experience, the best way to release any frustration, impatience, or other form of emotional resistance is through tapping (EFT).

Tapping is incredibly easy and effective as it combines the philosophies and mechanics of ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology to clear the blocks that exist within our meridian system of energy or “chi.” When our energy system is cleared of these emotional blocks (resistance), our vibration is positive and high, and our manifestations will show up for us.

If you’re curious to learn how you can use tapping to speed up your manifestations, follow these easy steps to learn how to open the floodgates of abundance into your life.

1) Choose a clear target, for example: “I feel impatient”
2) Rate how high this feeling is for you on a scale of 0-10 (with 10 being the highest)
3) Devise a setup statement that you will use while tapping. Setup statements combine the problem with an affirmation, such as: “Even though I feel so impatient that the Universe hasn’t delivered my abundance yet, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”
4) Begin tapping on your acupuncture points while repeating your target out loud, starting with your karate chop points (you have one on each hand on the outside fleshy part between the bottom of your pinky and the top of your wrist) repeating your setup statement three times.

Then proceed to the following acupuncture tapping points and repeat your target out loud while tapping:

Eyebrow point:  “I feel so impatient”
Side of eye: “I feel so impatient that I don’t have what I want yet”
Under your eyes: “Hurry up Universe”
Under your nose: “Hurry up Universe, I’ve done everything right”
Chin point: “I feel so impatient”
Collarbone: “I feel so impatient”
Underarm: “Hurry up Universe”
Top of head: “When is it going to show up for me?”

Now take a deep breath, and rate the intensity of your target again. Note how much it’s gone down. Repeat this process as necessary, until your impatience is so low you feel confident and excited that your manifestations are on their way.

When you reduce the resistance that’s showing up in your life in the form of the negative emotion of impatience, you automatically speed up your manifestations. Try the above exercise and watch the positive results in the form of abundance come into your life.

Are you new to tapping? We’d love for you to try the above exercise and tell us how you found it below.

Carol Look

Carol Look

Carol Look is a Success and Abundance Coach in the energy psychology field. Her specialty is inspiring clients to attract abundance into their lives by using EFT/ Meridian Tapping and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build “prosperity consciousness.”

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