Why is it that we can sense tension between two people without them even saying a word?

Or that after having what seemed to be a perfectly amicable conversation with someone, you can walk away feeling like something was off and there’s been a change in the relationship?

In this 1-hour talk, well-known Transformation Expert, Doc Barham, reveals some of the most fascinating scientific and psychological explanations behind the way we communicate with each other, and how these techniques affect our relationships – and ultimately shape our lives.

Watch this incredible talk, which was recorded at Awesomeness Fest last November, to understand why successful communication needs to come from the heart, and how changing the way you communicate can undoubtedly transform your life.

We absolutely loved the talk as it helped us further fine-tune our intuition, and gain a deeper understanding of the science and psychology behind our methods of communication. What’s your favorite fact from this brilliant talk? Please share it below.

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