This is one of the most inspiring TED talks we’ve seen.

In this candid 16-minute talk, Shannon Paige, writer, sacred activist and dedicated yoga teacher talks reveals how getting in touch with her body and doing yoga helped her work through the dark cloud that had cask over her after battling cancer and depression.

“When you put together the fact of breath, being able to create a high oxygen environment of healing, and when you put together the fact that through the breath we have the capacity to learn something new and change an old embodied pattern… you can teach yourself empowerment, structure and stability, you can teach yourself a new way. You can actually line up to change. It works.”

Try the powerful breathing exercise she gets the audience to do at 12:51 to release tension and connect with your mind and body.

Or try the seven-day breathing challenge she provides at the end of the video, and share your experience below.

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