Don’t you just love the Universe? Whilst researching to write an article of a slightly different theme it handed me this – which I have on good authority I must share! So put 21st December in your diary, tell your friends and READ ON…

When I found this event on the internet I did a double take. And my next reaction was that of a giggly teen. Straight on to Facebook to share a few silly girly comments with my friends such as ‘I wonder which minute they guys should put aside’ and ‘If you’re a Buddhist make sure you have a partner, otherwise apparently you have a choice!’ and ‘It’s free! (like you’re gonna pay)’. That sort of thing. Then, hilarity over, realisation set in. ‘I actually asked for this’!!

I work with energy, I’m well tuned into the ‘Intellect’ and have recently been experiencing an intensely deepening sense of peace and fulfilment through the regular mind exercises I do. Which, when I tried to put my finger on it, amusingly compared only to the afterglow of a big ‘O’!

This incredible depth of profound peace from my mind practice is new for me, and done just prior to sleep, I have found it tends to be followed by reams of ‘sleep-writing’; some of which I am aware of, some of which simply appears as if by magic on a notebook by my bed in the morning. Real ‘Manna from Heaven’. Insights on whatever is going on in my life at the time and often material for articles, and product developments. A bit like electricity. I can’t fully explain it but I know it exists because of the benefits it brings.

So shock horror, and now forcing myself to admit it front of thousands, I did google the word orgasm! I was looking for information which might link my new mind experience to orgasmic energy! I didn’t expect to find the connection, but here it is! And I’m tickled pink to have another awesome area to immerse myself in.

It appears that The Global Consciousness Project who describe their purpose as to ‘examine subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world’, has a series of instruments around the globe which measure the energy of human emotion and consciousness at special times identified as Global Events.

When human consciousness becomes coherent and synchronized, the behaviour of random systems measured becomes subtly structured – with the probability less than one in a billion that the effect is due to chance. WOW! The evidence suggests that we are experiencing an emergence of the unifying field of consciousness as described by sages in all cultures and that something associated with this mass consciousness is changing the physical world.

Now, as someone who works with energy, this comes as no surprise. I crossed that bridge between knowing such things in my mind and knowing them intuitively in my heart a long time ago; moved on from that place of first finding evidence to gain knowledge to intuitive knowing and feeling extremely rewarded to actually find evidence which supports that ‘knowing’.

Everything is energy. Never a truer phrase was spoken.

So the question remains. Will you take part? And if so, how much fun should you allow yourself to have with it? Is this a private experience or an Occupy Wall Street occasion for you? Or is your first reaction a little like mine, cheek blushingly shove it under the bush, don’t make me talk about it; how can I possibly get that excited thinking about peace! I’m intrigued and would so love to hear from you!

Find out more info on the Global Orgasm Event:

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