Monday Inspirational: Global Report of Awesomeness

The news has its place, there’s no doubt.

But surely the 5pm news showing the world being in a dire economic, political and humanitarian state can’t be an accurate portrayal of the world, can it?

However, when we only hear this, it can sometimes make you believe that this is indeed the case.

So what about the countless number of wholehearted good-acts of kindness that takes place all over the world each day?

Anyone else interested in hearing about those?

Well, our friends here at Mindvalley have been on a bit of inspiration-fueled mission over the last year to share as many kind, awesome, positive and beautiful stories as they can through their Global Awesomeness Report.

So to spread some of their positivity and heartwarmingly feel-good news, we want to share with you our favorite story from the last week…. every week.

And being a Monday, there’s probably not a better time to start feeling more optimistic about the world, is there?

So to get started, here’s is our favorite act of awesomeness from this week!

Global Awesomeness ReportMeet Dobri Dobrev. He’s a 98-year old man from Bulgaria who lost his hearing during World War II.

Every day, he walks 10 kilometers to the city of Sofia with nothing but the clothes he made, before spending the day asking for money.

Of course you’d assume he’s begging for a place to sleep, for some food… or even to buy some alcohol to provide a brief escape from the harsh realities of his world.

But in fact, it was recently discovered that he hasn’t been spending the money on any of the above.

He’s actually been donating all the money that he’s collected – amounting to 40,000 euros – to help restore decaying Bulgarian monasteries and to pay for the utility bills for orphanages.

And instead, he lives off his monthly state pension of an incomprehensible 80 euros.

His selflessness and kindness is so hard to fathom, particularly when he has so little.

Pretty amazing, right?

So we leave you with this thought. We understand that giving money to people on the streets is often discouraged, but, we hope this story serves as a reminder of not only the untold depths of human kindness, but to be more aware of those less fortunate than ourselves.

The people you see begging for food or money on your way home, or camped out your local supermarket while you do your weekly grocery shopping, all have stories… and they’re human beings, just like us.

So next time you pass someone who has it a lot more tough than you, try stopping to talk to them, buy them a meal, or find out their story – because if we all acted with even a fraction of the amount of kindness Dobri Dobrev has, imagine the difference we could make to the world?

If this touched your heart too, please like or share it on Facebook, or leave us a comment below, and continue to spread global positivity and goodness.


Deanna Romano

Deanna Romano

Deanna is a writer for FinerMinds and a traveller of the world. She makes any place home with her wonderful charm, her keen interest in local heritage and, of course, her Aussie ways.

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