Hey guys, have you heard of P90X? It’s a 90 day exercise program I’ve been seeing advertised all over TV. It got me thinking that an extreme fitness program for meditation or spiritual training would be awesome, so I started a discussion on our FinerMinds Facebook page to find out what people think. The answers coming in are pretty interesting.

There’ve been about 75 comments so far, with lots of great suggestions for programs already out there, and even a request that I make one! Leading the pack were The Silva Method’s products, but there were a whole lot more too. Check out some of them – and a few of the comments – then let me know what you think.

  • 6 people recommended the Silva Life System or other Silva products.
  • 4 people recommended A Course in Miracles
  • 3 People recommended David Morelli’s ImmersionSolution
  • 2 people recommended Burt Goldman’s MindBox
  • 2 people recommended Deepak Chopra’s 30 Day Challenge
  • 2 people recommended Centerpointe’s Holosync audios
  • 2 people recommended John Assaraf’s Brain Training program
  • 2 people suggested Bob Doyle
  • 2 more suggested the book The 4 Agreements
  • others recommended practicing QiGong, Vipassana and the movie, “What the Bleep.”

Other people talked about bigger picture issues like setting intentions, living in the now and the quantum world. Check out a few of the comments …

Michael says –
“I’d suggest a system of doing, not thinking would be ideal.”

Nikki says –
“meditation is the key to connecting spiritually so different techniques would allow people to explore and discover which method works for them; i also think that learning to live in the moment is a difficult concept but one which, if experienced, can offer us a deeper sense of self which can provide us with a wider perspective on our personal journeys …”

Here’s a good one from Anne-Maree –
“You are responsible for your reality. Before you go to sleep every night set the intention that when you awake you will see things in a new light and see what a difference it makes.”

and Chris kind of sums it all up here –
“ts all tied up with quantum theories, kabbalah, buddishm, remote influencing…etc etc. The more I read about all the above stuff, and look at god as an interconnecting web of infinite energy that makes up everything in the multiverse change whats inside you, I see the same message in all religious, new age and other personal growth scriptures. Change whats inside of you, and whats outside of you will change too.”

What do you think would make a great P90X for the mind? Any recommendations? I want you to join in the discussion on our Facebook page. All you have to do is go there and click the ‘like’ button, then go here leave a comment.