Watch the above video to see Carol Look, EFT Founding Master, demonstrate how to tap away your fear of “rocking the boat”Don’t know what “tapping” is? Read the article below to find out how it can change your life. 

Have you ever wondered why you:

  • Sabotage your success?
  • Hold yourself back from excellence?
  • Seem to get in your own way?

A primary reason people sabotage their success is because they’re afraid to rock the boat.

They don’t want to upset their friends, colleagues or family members if they achieve success – so they slow themselves down through some kind of self-sabotaging behavior.

It doesn’t matter whether they sabotage through procrastination, being late, not being prepared for a meeting, or simply not following through on an excellent idea – it all leads to the same result – they are not as successful as they could be.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, that’s ok, because there’s a solution! Once we know the reason why you are sabotaging your success – your fear of “rocking the boat” – then we can treat it with a simple technique known as tapping to clear your energy system.

The popular tapping technique, formally known as EFT, combines the principles of ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology to clear the energy blockages in our meridians – circuits or pathways that run through our body carrying our “chi” or life energy. Negative thinking, limiting beliefs, fears, even allergies can cause blockages in these pathways, and the tapping technique can clear these blockages.

When our energy system is cleared of these fears, our vibration improves, and our behavior follows our desire – to attract success and abundance.

Four Easy Steps for Effective Tapping

Acupuncture points

1) Choose a clear target (in this case –“I’m afraid to rock the boat”)

2) When you say:“I’m afraid to rock the boat” – how high does it rate for you on the 0-10 intensity scale (with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)?

3) Devise your setup statement (an affirmation) that you will use while tapping on the karate chop point, for example: “Even though I’m afraid to rock the boat, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

4) Tap on the sequence of acupuncture points (see diagram to the right) while repeating your target out loud (“I’m afraid to rock the boat”). For example, start tapping on the karate chop point (you have one on each hand on the outside fleshy part between the bottom of your pinky and the top of your wrist) and repeat your “setup statement” three times:

“Even though I’m afraid to rock the boat, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway… ”

Then proceed to the remaining tapping points and repeat your “target” out loud while tapping, for example:

Eyebrow point: “I’m afraid to rock the boat”
Side of eye: “What if they get mad at me?”
Under the eye: “I don’t want to be too successful, it will rock the boat”
Under nose: “I’m afraid to rock the boat”
Chin point: “I didn’t realize my fear was so high”
Collarbone: “I don’t want to rock the boat”
Under arm: “I’m afraid my success will rock the boat”
Top of head: “I sabotage because I’m afraid to rock the boat”

Now take a deep breath, and rate the intensity of your fear again from 0-10.

Note how much your fear has decreased.

Repeat this process as necessary, until your fear is so low that you feel eager to attract outrageous success into your life, whether it rocks anyone’s boat or not!

Try the exercise in the video and share with us below whether it helped reduce your fear of “rocking the boat”.

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