The concept of “celebrating wins” isn’t new, but if you’re not celebrating every micro-win, you’re missing out. I first heard of the concept of celebrating wins about 12 years ago, when I was working in sales for a personal development company. Back then, the idea was based on Law of Attraction 101 — whatever you bring energy, attention, and focus to will grow. Therefore, if you focus on celebrating your wins, you’re sure to attract more reasons to celebrate. Makes sense, right? But more recently, we have discovered even more reasons to celebrate even the tiniest of wins: the micro-win.

What’s a micro-win? It’s scoring a close parking spot, unexpectedly (and happily) reconnecting with an old friend, making a healthy snack choice when the office birthday cake is staring you in the face, adding a new subscriber to your YouTube channel or newsletter list, or selling another copy of your $0.99 ebook.

If you’re a high achiever (or a recovering overachiever, like me), you may feel like you don’t see the point in celebrating such minor achievements. In fact you may view such small wins as necessary steps or to-do list items (sell more ebooks; grow your tribe; eat healthy), as opposed to mini-milestones. But if that’s the case, you’re missing an opportunity to propel your momentum forward.

Here are a few reasons micro-wins are worth celebrating:

1. Micro-wins bridge the gap

Even small- to mid-size goals can take several weeks or months to achieve, but micro-wins often happen on a weekly or daily basis. Celebrating the mini-wins gives you a reason to smile and dance while you’re awaiting bigger results.

2. Micro-wins make you smile every day

This is ideal for those with short attention spans who appreciate constant feedback and a steady sense of accomplishment. Celebrating every micro-win keeps you motivated and helps you stay positive.

3. Micro-wins drive momentum forward

Rather than feeling like you’ve plateaued or are holding steady, celebrating micro-wins will help you recognize and acknowledge any amount of forward progress, which helps you continue onward and upward, building on your progress thus far. More reasons to celebrate equates to faster movement toward success, which produces faster results.

4. Celebrating micro-wins raises endorphins, helping fuel your happiness factor and positivity

This helps you stay focused and keep taking action to move your big goals forward. Let’s face it, it feels good!

5. Micro-wins build resilience

When you hit a roadblock on the way to your goal, celebrating the small accomplishments helps you build stamina and power to carry you through the speed bumps. It’s easier to keep going when you know a reason to celebrate is just around the corner.

How might you like to celebrate your next micro-win? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Dance break. Or move your body in any way that feels good to you.
  • Treat yourself. Enjoy a piece of luxurious chocolate, download a new app, or gift yourself any other pick-me-up mini-treat.
  • Sing out loud. Pull up your favorite celebratory song and sing along at the top of your lungs.
  • High-five or fist bump the person nearest to you.
  • Smile, laugh, shout out a “hell YEAH,” or any other expression of excitement.
  • Doodle a design, a stick-man, some word art, or any other form of creative celebration.

But by all means—don’t feel limited to these ideas. Let your imagination run wild. What feels good to you?

Speaking of what feels good, here’s one quick caveat before you celebrate your next micro-win. Not everyone will share your enthusiasm for the small wins, or even the big wins, and that’s okay.

I remember the first time I hit a five-figure day as an entrepreneur. We happened to be visiting some entrepreneurial friends at the time, and I was so pumped! As soon as the sale came in, I immediately shared my news with them, expecting they would share my excitement—after all, a $22,000 day is certainly a reason to celebrate, especially among friends! But instead, they just shrugged and said, “You’ve been visualizing this kind of day, right? Then it should feel totally normal to you.” I remember feeling deflated and dejected, as though my joy was somehow unwarranted.

I often think back to that experience and I notice how far I’ve grown since then (and how much I’ve upgraded my circle of friends). Today, I don’t ever let someone else steal my joy. I understand that people have their own hang-ups and not everyone has the capacity to be happy for another person’s wins. So if you’re new to celebrating wins, feel free to celebrate on your own (or with your most enthusiastic supporters) until it becomes an ingrained habit for you.

Here’s your challenge if you choose to accept it: for the next week, take time to consciously celebrate every micro-win and watch what happens. Celebrate for your friends and loved ones, and encourage them to celebrate their micro-wins as well. Watch how positivity and success begin to blossom in your inner circles. Post a comment here and share your observations with me, I’d love to hear about it. And let me be the first to tell you, “Congratulations!”

Amy Scott Grant

Amy Scott Grant

Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant is a highly entertaining bestselling author and master intuitive healer who specializes in twofold clearing: getting clear (achieving immediate clarity), and the permanent removal or clearing of obstacles. Amy has coached and mentored thousands of individuals to create rapid breakthrough results by permanently clearing millions of blocks, doubts, fears and limiting beliefs at the deepest core level. She is the creator and visionary of several books, videos, methods, audio programs, healing tools, life-changing retreats, and Ripple Magic, an immersive transformational program of personal and global impact. For access to hundreds of Amy’s articles, videos, products, and more, visit her website.

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