It’s been said that the longest journey a man must take is the one from his head to his heart.

And interestingly, this journey is the first we humans embark on as our heart forms before the rest of our organs do. Yet, what science doesn’t know is what triggers this very first heartbeat.

But what is known is that the heart is responsible for sending electrical signals to our brain telling it which chemicals to release, and when.

And when this magical signal is at an optimal level, there is a coherence between our heart and brain that makes us more peaceful, less aggressive, happier, healthier – and even stimulates our body’s natural ability to heal.

This topic absolutely fascinates us. Wouldn’t it be great if we learned how to get our heart and brain working in coherence? Not only to raise our overall well-being, but the vibrations of those around us?

Watch this 5-minute video, featuring Gregg Braden from The Institute of HeartMath, to learn more.

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