shutterstock_82458775Everyday we run into new problems and challenges, be it trouble at home or in the workplace, relationship issues, or inner struggles.

Though it is never easy to let go of the people and things that we love, the future holds an unlimited amount of happiness that can be achieved through various activities and ways of thought.

Sometimes the reasons why problems are so prevalent in our life is because we tend to amplify them. We try to hold onto our problems with the thought that, one day, they might disappear. Once problems start to pile up, our body fills itself with negative energy that is commonly exerted through bad attitudes and our outlook on life. The first steps to letting go might be the hardest, but the road to achieving inner bliss is totally worth the ride.

1) Live in the Moment

The first and best way to let go of negativity and bad experiences is to learn how to live in the moment. As human beings we are wired to replay past problems in our heads until they make us sick. It’s just how we are. Living in the moment and appreciating the little things that life brings us each day is the first sign of letting go.

2) Sweat and Smile

Exercise and physical activity has been proven to release endorphins which can create a positive, happy outlook on life.

Anything that gets your body moving and makes you smile is worth doing. Try joining a jogging club, taking a yoga or pilates class, or do any kind of activity that will challenge both your mind and body. And by getting in tune with your spiritual side through activities such as yoga and meditation, these will help you process your problems and start thinking much more clearly.

Taking up new activities that make you sweat and smile will have your body bursting with positive energy in no time!

3) Never Stress About What You Can’t Control

A lot of stress comes from aspects of our lives that we have absolutely no control over. This kind of aggravation will only hold us back from achieving happiness, so it’s important to block out events and people that bring us more agitation than joy. Life is a banquet! Why focus on all the bad apples when there are so many more delicious things to sample?

4) Let Your Past Fuel Your Fire

Although it’s hard to move on from past relationships and traumatic events, we must realize that the past can help us in realizing more about ourselves and the world around us. Do not let little issues define your life, but rather take these issues and grow from them, to create a better you from the obstacles you have overcome.

5) Surround Yourself with Positivity

Positive people tend to bring positive vibes to those around them. So spending time with people who are naturally happy and optimistic will help change your perspective on many things in the world. When you’re in the process of letting go, you want the people around you to act as positive reinforcements who will help you through this transition.

6) Don’t Be Afraid… Just Laugh

No matter the problem you are facing, fear of the future must be thrown out the window. It’s important to laugh as much as you possibly can, even in the worst situations. The more you laugh, the more you will realize just how beautiful the world around you can actually be.

Though the past may haunt us or change the way we go about life, we must not fear the future. Life is way too short to be scared of anything or anyone, so take the necessary chances and opportunities that will lead you to happiness in every phase of your life.

In order to better ourselves and the world around us, we must start with the person in the mirror. Letting go is never easy. No matter what it is we are letting go of, the future is an unpaved path with signs pointing in all different directions. There will be potholes, detours and probably a flat tire or two. That’s life! It’s important to note that this road to happiness may never be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Do you have a sure-fire technique that allows you to let go of any negativity and embrace each moment? Please share what it is below.

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Stephanie Potter

Stephanie Potter

Stephanie Potter is a writer, mother and an avid runner. When she isn’t chasing after her kids, she enjoys writing for Psychic Source, finding her balance through meditation, and trying her hand at baking new desserts.

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