Sylvia Browne: Psychic or Fraud?So, I came across this short video clip the other day of Sylvia Browne on Montel giving her predictions on the economy and the stock market.

Now, this is what I really want to know.  Is she really a psychic or is she just taking us all for a ride?  This video isn’t very convincing when it comes to her psychic abilities but I’ve heard some of her other predictions are really accurate.

Sylvia Browne is an American best-selling author in the field of spirituality and also performs as a psychic. She has made appearances on Larry King Live and is a weekly guest on The Montel Williams Show

Her predictions for the economy were to invest in hybrid cars and don’t rush into anything without doing the research.  Geez, I could’ve told you that.  Every analyst, broker, and economist could’ve said that.  But they don’t get called psychic.

I know she’s done a series of other predictions as well, including the Aztec 2012 prophecy. But I’ll be honest. This woman fascinates me and since I’m in no way an expert on her, I want to hear what your opinions of her are.


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