Positive Thinking Affirmations isn’t a redundant phrase. You see, there’s affirmations, and then there’s positive thinking affirmations. What’s the difference? Read and find out …

Form Versus Function

Turns out, there’s a misunderstanding about the function of affirmations, and this needs to be cleared up before you can get a grasp on the specific nature of positive thinking affirmations.

Affirmations, in and of themselves, aren’t supposed to be used for shifting or lifting your mood. Nope, not at all. Affirmations are only effective, and are meant to be used, to super-charge your positive thoughts and emotions toward quicker manifestation.

Think about it. If you’re stressed, worried or pissed off about something, doesn’t saying an affirmation right then just piss you off? That’s because the energy of the two: your mood and the affirmation, are too far apart to connect.

So the most important thing about using affirmations is that you have to use them when you’re in a positive state of mind.

What if I’m not in a ‘Positive State of Mind’?

Aha! Good question. If you’re not in a positive state of mind, then it’s time to use positive thinking affirmations to help get you there. If you’re continually challenged to think positively in the first place, then these kind of affirmations are ideal for you because they work specifically on shifting your general thought patterns and mental habits from a negative focus to a more positive one.

Samples of Positive Thinking Affirmations

Here are some excellent affirmations to begin to use if you need to shift your default setting from negitude to positivity:

  • I am in control of my own thinking
  • I think only thoughts that create and fulfill the best in me
  • My mind is constantly in tuned with the positive
  • My mind is bright, cheerful and enthusiastic
  • My thoughts are filled with good, positive thoughts and ideas
  • I am calm, confident and self-assured
  • I consciously choose what I think
  • I think only thoughts that create and fulfill the best in me
  • I always choose the thoughts that are most positive and beneficial to me
  • All of my thoughts create healthiness within me
  • My mind dwells only on thoughts that create harmony, balance and enthusiasm
  • I am full of absolute assurance in the best possible outcome in everything I do
  • I choose to look at the world in the bright, healthy light of optimism

Your Turn!

Have you ever used affirmations specifically to shift your thoughts to a more positive default setting? If you have, leave a comment to share your favorite positive thinking affirmation.

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