Why is it that we can do all the ‘right’ things and still struggle with a life far less ideal than we want? Isn’t positive thinking supposed to work? Shouldn’t we be rewarded for being nice, happy, up-beat and friendly? What’s going on here?? Doesn’t the Law of Attraction say that what we think about is what we create?

Conscious or Sub-Conscious?

Well yes … and no. You see, if you’ve got negative core beliefs, no matter how much your conscious mind focuses on the positive, those core negitudes (operating in your subconscious) are the ones running the show when you’re not looking (or listening).

Now some people choose to go the tradition route to eliminate negative core beliefs, devoting lots of years and cash to get at the problem with psychoanalysis. But Freudian antics are quickly becoming ‘old skool’, and there’s some new (and way more effective) choices for changing our beliefs that keep up with the speed of our cyber age.

Hit the Reset Button

One of the best of these is something called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). And when it comes to freeing yourself from limiting core beliefs, EFT rocks! Why? Because it’s like hitting the ‘reset’ switch on your body’s energy system.

You see, when you undergo any trauma – emotional or physical – the energy system that effects your mind and body gets blocked or disrupted. And this is what’s at the core of negative beliefs you then construct – beliefs that get seated deep in your subconscious.

So while you’re busy saying your affirmations, your subconscious is still limping along telling you the same negative things that may have been keeping you stuck for years.

Bummer, huh?

But just like a circuit breaker, EFT let’s you ‘Reset’ energetically, switching your energy system on to full capacity. And while you’re doing it, by the way, you’re also resetting the core beliefs to those that you want by scripting and then speaking them.

The Doctor Says …

Want to know more? One of the best explanations of how the subconscious runs the show when you’re not looking is by Dr. Bruce Lipton. He’s a best-selling author with a good handle on how why people’s lives aren’t reflecting what they really want, and how EFT can change all that.

You can check out the Doc’s video on EFT Tapping right here.

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