Do you ever feel “stuck” in any aspect of your life? Finances? Relationships? Health? Spiritual path?  You may have unconscious and limiting beliefs that are affecting your life.

Getting Clear on your Negative/Limiting Beliefs

First of all, we’ll need to find out what your negative / limiting belief is. Often times the response that I get is (surprisingly), “I don’t think I have any negative / limiting beliefs or I don’t have any issues.” Now, while I am sure that you personally do not have any negative or limiting beliefs, I’m sure you know some people who have certain limitations that you wish they would fix. So let’s start with the first exercise.

I’d like for you to write down 10 things that annoy you about other people. I’m going to take it a step further, write down 10 things that you hate about other people. Be specific. Here are some examples:

  1. I hate it when so and so is very petty about things.
  2. I hate it when person B is always so negative about money.
  3. I hate it when people pretend to like things when they don’t.

Ok, now take time from reading this article, find a piece of paper and write this down. Do it now, don’t wait or you might not do it! ;)

Done? Brilliant! Now let’s review. I want you to go through your list and add a one word description to each sentence. For instance:

  1. I hate it when so and so is very petty about things. (PETTY)
  2. I hate it when person B is always so negative about money. (NEGATIVE)
  3. I hate it when people pretend to like things when they don’t. (FALSE)

Ok, got that? Now, here comes the clincher. All these things that you just wrote down that annoy you about other people? Well, it is something that you are projecting onto to other people, and these people are mirrors to what you are. So if you wrote down: Petty, Negative and False – these are also things that you are. You see, you can’t see in other people what you don’t have in yourself. Many people find it hard to believe that they are also all the things that they don’t like in other people.

The thing is, we get so caught up in the terms, we make it like it is the end of the world. But these are just our dark shadows. And every time you raise your energy you also raise the propensity of your dark shadow. And if you don’t deal with your dark shadow, it will overcome you. There is nothing wrong with having these negative emotions / beliefs. The trick is to accept it and move on – and most of all, to forgive yourself and others.

Now I want you to take a sheet of paper and write down 10 things you like or even love about other people. Not so easy eh? But do it anyway. When you’re done with this list, repeat the same procedure as above and write down a one word description for each sentence. Have a look at your list and try and match up your positive list to your negative list. If it doesn’t match up completely, it is ok – an approximation is also good enough.

Anyway, what we’re going to do next is a compilation of wisdom from different teachers and masters (thanks to Dr Olivia Tee who helped facilitate and compile this). Take your list, and for each negative issue, do the exercise below:

My issue is__________

Step 1

  1. Is that right/true?
  2. Is that absolutely right/true?
  3. How do you feel when you think that thought?
  4. How do you feel if you are unable to think that thought?

Step 2

  1. All the times that I felt  (insert negative issue) is past, over and history. All the parts of me that is holding that energy is healing now.
  2. I release all belief, judgment and perception that I am _______ and I release all needs to think that thought.
  3. I instruct my subconscious mind to release all belief, judgment and perception that I am _______ .and release all needs to think that thought.
  4. I forgive that thought unconditionally, I forgive myself unconditionally
  5. I love and embrace that thought unconditionally (not the content of it), I love myself unconditionally.

Step 3

  1. I now replace it with  (insert positive thought)  , love, light and good.
  2. I now affirm and believe that I am _____ and instruct my subconscious mind to affirm and believe at all levels of my being that I am _________.

Step 4

  1. I seal in the healing now, and for all times.
  2. Thank you spirit, Angels, God, Higher Self   (insert appropriate higher being).

I found this process to be very helpful in pin pointing my negative issues and starting the process of clearing it. After doing this process we moved on to do some meditations so that we could clear the beliefs on all levels (mental, emotional, etc).  In the next article I’ll let you know what meditations we did and how it has helped us.

Please do this exercise and let me know how it has helped you. Were you surprised by what your beliefs / issues are? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Love and light!

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