Burt Goldman, “The American Monk”, is a most remarkable man. Burt is over 80-years-old, and when most people his age are alone, sick and miserable (or dead), he’s going through a renaissance period in his life, and he’s showing no sign of slowing down.

For the last 50 years, Burt has been on a journey. He has been traveling the world and meeting and studying spiritual masters from every corner of the earth. He was once a disciple of the great Yogananda, the legendary teacher who introduced Yoga to the West. He was also a protégé of Jose Silva, the Mexican-American who introduced dynamic meditation to the Western World

Burt has learned how to focus his mind in such a way that he’s able to slow down aging, pick up new skills at will, and maintain perfect health.

Always keep in mind that Burt is over 80 years old. Now take a look at what Burt has done in the last few years:

  • Published a book
  • Took up photography
  • Got his photographs in the International Photography Hall of Fame
  • Took up painting and set up an art website
  • Taught himself to sing and released a CD
  • Set up a new business

But what I want to narrow in on, in particular, is Burt’s remarkable ability to pick up skills, especially later in life, when most people consider their ‘learning window’ slammed shut.

In 1988, Burt was teaching a class and he was talking about the ability to learn new skills. His class decided to challenge him to learn a new skill. Someone shouted out “photography.” The class gave Burt one week to learn.

Burt took up the challenge, bought a camera and used meditation techniques to accelerate his learning and crack open his creative potential.

Please watch this video of Burt recounting his tale of going from picking up a camera to having his photos hanging in the International Photography Hall of Fame, just six months later.

A Selection of Burt’s Beautiful, Original Photographs




More About How Burt Goldman Actually Did This…

You need to keep an open mind for what I’m about to tell you. It’s a technique Burt uses, and it’s quite, well, out there… In Burt’s own words: “It’s a bit wacky.” It’s a meditation technique on the cutting edge that harnesses some of the latest information coming out of the field of physics today.

Quantum physicists believe that particles exist in more than one place at one time. By this logic, humans (who are made of particles too) also exist in more than one place at one time. In essence, there are multiple Universes. In fact, there are an infinite number of Universes, and we exist an infinite number of times. Seems crazy, right? Well, once upon a time the idea of the world being round was deemed to be an insane proposition.

These ideas that Burt and many physicists around the world are exploring will forever change the way we see “reality” in the century to come. So, who are these scientists that Burt studies? There is Neil Turok, Professor of Physics at Princeton University, who worked with Stephen Hawking. Other scholars include Michio Kaku, protégé of Edward Teller and holder of a Professorship in theoretical physics at City University of New York, as well as Alan Guth, professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and winner of the Medal of the International Center for Theoretical Physics. And this is just the short list.

So, how did Burt create a meditation technique to accelerate his ability learn from the knowledge he gleaned from these eminent scientists?

Building on the idea of parallel, infinite Universes, Burt explains that you exist an infinite number of times at this very moment. Right now, you are going through anything and everything you can think of. You are the wealthiest person on the planet. You are also homeless. You are a professor at Oxford. You are a high school dropout. You are the happiest, most enlightened person on the earth. You are a cruel, angry person. You get the picture. See, I told you it would require a leap of faith to wrap your head around this concept!

Burt’s meditation work in this area, which he’s been investigating for over 30 years, aims to tap into these parallel selves to improve the life of the self doing the meditating. If you want to learn a new skill, there is actually a you that currently exists in a parallel Universe that already has this skill or ability. Burt’s meditation technique connects you with this other self, so a transfer of knowledge, energy and inspiration can occur.

Burt relied on this technique to become a world-class photographer in six months. He knew he was already an expert photographer in another dimension. All he had to do was connect with this other self. And this technique works for more than just skills, it also works for other areas such as health, wealth and emotional well-being.

Many people feel stuck – in their life, in their body, in their reality. This technique, which Burt calls “Quantum Jumping,” allows you to jump into another dimension and draw on and absorb the best that you already are. Stay tuned, as Burt will be sharing more about this technique in the near future.

PS: More than 1500 people were listening to his free live teleseminar, which replay has been now made available. Check out how Burt is doing this in his free teleseminar on Quantum Jumping.
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