Wow. Talk about phenomenal. This amazing installation was created by a group of talented astrophysicists from the American Museum of Natural History. It takes us from the Himalayas on a journey through the atmosphere all the way up into the inky black of space and into the afterglow of the Big Bang and beyond. It’s a journey worth putting on full screen. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of efforts taken by the Museum scientists to design a four-dimensional map of the universe.

The beauty of this video is a reminder of how much we still have to discover about the universe. It’s a reminder that we’re all part of something more than what we can see from our backyards and what we can imagine from sci-fi films. Heck, the scientists even explained there’s still gaps to be filled in their map! If you thought the universe was big, well it just got bigger!


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