Esoteric InformationEsoteric information has been used throughout the ages to retrieve, or pass down, “hidden” or “secret” information.

The most well known example of is religion, but how else has information from our ancestors or Greater Beings been passed down to us?

Esoteric Information Through The Ages

Before science inquisitively set about adding reason to where we came from and the creation of the Earth, selected pieces of esoteric information were used in the world’s oldest faiths and teachings to explain such universal questions.

Although as time went by and society started to grow superstitious of these original teachings, science provided an alternative. Unfortunately, these insights were not well received, and early scientists suffered gravely for questioning religion and were persecuted.

Fast forward to the world we live in today, and the debate between the scientifically explained and the unexplained still exists – and will continue to do so probably until the end of time. Whether you’re a scientist or you’re dedicated to a particular faith –  these views are equally fundamental to different communities all over the world, as they’re two sides of the same coin. Or as Albert Einstein famously said:

“Religion without science is blind, science without religion is lame” – Albert Einstein (click to tweet).

Esoteric Information In cultures

There are many cultures that were once deeply connected to the Earth and the spirits. These cultures would look to spirits, symbols and even the stars to obtain esoteric information from their ancestors, and in some cultures (such as traditional Australian Aboriginals) they continue to do so.

The use of herbs to induce dreams and hallucinations were often used to also help receive and interpret this type of information. For example, the Native Americans used various herbs to induce vivid and lucid dreaming to recall information. Through fasting, meditation and dreaming, respected medicine men would seek the names of newborns from spirits. A naming ceremony would then take place where the name would be declared to each of the four corners of the Earth, and embraced by the respected community.

Esoteric Dreaming

One kind of esoteric dreams are visitation dreams – where the dreamer is visited by a spirit or deceased relative in order to pass on comfort or provide advice in the form of a dream.

It’s said that they may visit the dreamer just as the “visiting relative” is passing away – serving as a final goodbye. Or they may pass on important messages, for example, revealing their murderer or to tell the dreamer that they must change their ways.

While skeptics may pass these off as ordinary dreams, there have been many known instances where after the dream, the relative in question did pass away that day or days later. Or that they did receive important information in a dream that turned out to be true – suggesting further evidence of a spiritual realm and even life after death.

History also tells the tale of the significance of dream visitors. In Ancient Greece, Aesculapius, the God of Healing, is said to have visited sacred dream sites and temples. At these sites, priests would assist the seekers in dreaming, and it is believed that the dreamers were then healed or would have divine healing passed onto them by Aesculapius as they slept.

These are just a few examples of how esoteric information has been used throughout the ages to pass down information from our ancestors. It’s interesting to learn how it once shaped our belief systems, and how it still does today – so what do you make of it? Do you think as humanity has evolved, this is a skill that we have gradually lost touch with?

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