Whenever I discuss the benefits of meditation to individuals that have either never tried or attempted it, I am met with the same comments every time: “I cannot sit still without moving”, “I have tried it but found it difficult to concentrate”, “I start thinking about different things”, “I get distracted”, and more.

The most common reason for people to give up on meditation is because they are often frustrated by the amount of energy and focus that is required to keep the mind still.  How does one stop the flow of incessant thoughts entering the mind to reach that pure moment of golden silence that we hear about so often?

I have been meditating on and off for many years and in my experience, those completely silent moments were few and far between. Then, one day, I discovered a new approach:  I went from “thinking of nothing” to “listening to nothing”.  This shift resulted in a significant improvement to my practice of meditation. I was able to create the perfect state of consciousness where I discovered I could channel a Spirit Guide or higher source.

Unlike the instances when I was trying to control my mind by preventing thoughts from arising, I was now patiently waiting for thoughts to arise; I was eager to learn what they had to say and record the guidance with pen and paper. The higher source provided me with insightful, wise and positive perspectives that did not derive from my normal thought process.

Over the course of several weeks, I explored an ability that I had failed to discover for almost fifteen years.  I flipped a switch that remains in the “on” position to this day.  At first, I was overwhelmed by the written information that was emerging from my fingertips.  At times, the writing was consistent and fluid, whereas in other instances, it emerged in short phrases or few words. Ultimately this flow of knowledge helped me to create a set of cards or Lifetiles, each with an inspirational message to help me connect.

Whether The Write Guidance was discovered by accident or just divine intervention, it changed my life in so many wonderful ways and I want to share this with you:

With The Write Guidance, you will learn to:

  • Trust your ability to seek guidance and wisdom that is available within us.
  • Interpret intuitive thoughts as meaningful answers or revelations pertaining to a personal situation, question or circumstance.
  • Expand your imagination, thereby enabling you to reach your full potential through exploring the unlimited possibilities.
  • Communicate with a higher source of wisdom without having to go through years of meditation. 

Before you begin: 

  • This always works best when alone, calm, peaceful and relaxed so you can ‘receive’ easily.
  • Try listening to the silence instead of trying to stop thoughts entering the mind.  It is even OK to listen to the sounds that occur in your environment as they eventually fade into the background.
  • Make sure you are channeling positive intentions and trust that a message is due to arrive at any moment from a loving source
  • Do not hurry the process.  It is quite normal not to ‘receive’ anything until a few attempts.

The Write Guidance 5-step technique:

1. Begin with a written request in front of you such as a question, person’s name, or a topic you wish to know more about. This focus point is a way of connecting your energy with whatever you wish to receive guidance about. 

2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax (should take anywhere from 1-3 minutes).

3. Use your index finger and lightly touch on top and along what you have written in front of you in a side-to-side motion. The purpose is to strengthen the connection between your physical and spiritual mind so that you may easily receive guidance that is waiting to come through – it also provides a good distraction for your mind so it does not lose focus as it often does in this type of situation.

4. Once you reach your relaxed state with eyes closed, the following two things may occur: You will begin to see words or letters appear in your mind; you will start to receive thoughts or words that do not appear as your own.

5. Open your eyes and begin writing.  I find that once the connection is made, you can easily go from closed to open eyes and retrieve further information.  The more relaxed you are, the more the information seems to flow.

My invisible spiritual life coach is the one that guides my life and encourages me to be motivated to pursue my passions and dreams. Can you imagine having a spiritual inbox that you visit daily to retrieve messages, receive advice for which direction to take, or just find a different perspective?

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Emanuela Pannone

Emanuela Pannone

Emanuela Pannone is an intuitive writer and creator of Lifetiles 108 who began her career studying Fashion Design at RMIT Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about developing concepts that help others follow their own intuition, in simple easy to understand ways. Her dedication to various meditation and visual techniques in the last 15 years have provided the foundation for her creative ideas to take form. She lives in Melbourne with her husband. To find out more information check out www.lifetiles108.com.au

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