Just when we thought we had heard all the benefits of meditating, we learned a few more interesting facts in this 15-minute video by Philosopher’s Notes author, Brian Johnson.

For example, did you know that by meditating, you turn on genes more positively and can change your DNA expression? Yes, really. We didn’t know this either and were inspired by this piece of trivia (along with the other convincing reasons outlined in the video) to turn up the heat on our meditation practice.

Watch the video to hear more fascinating facts about meditating, and to discover five compelling reasons why you should be doing it, and 10 easy ways how. And then ask yourself (as referenced in the video by the author of the Happiness Hypnosis, Jonathan Height): “If you had a magic pill that would increase your happiness, confidence, immunity and overall well-being, while reducing anxiety, depression and pain – would you take it?”

The “magic pill” he is referring to is of course meditation. With no negative side effects, costs and a host of increasing benefits, it’s no surprise this natural wonder drug has had people hooked for thousands of years.

Watch the video and tell us of any additional benefits of meditation that were not covered. We’d love to hear more fascinating facts! 

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