World peace. We all want it. But how? It seems like such an impossible task for one person to achieve; however this is where we’re wrong. The change we want to see has to start at the individual level. And it can begin with little ol’ you, this Friday, September 21.

To mark the International Day of Peace, this Friday organizations around the world are collaborating to create the largest synchronized prayer and meditation event in human history.

A whapping 640 cities all over the world will be holding group meditation events starting at 6pm in local timezones; creating one of the strongest messages of peace and harmony. The shared time means it’ll give everyone an opportunity to join in, however there will be three specific moments throughout the day where everyone will connect at the same time (12am, 12 noon, and 12 midnight EDT) – creating what organizers are calling Planetary Pulses of Peace.

Help make history and do your bit for peace by being part of something truly magical.

Find your own local event or organize an event in your city. We here at Mindvalley will be doing our bit and holding our own group meditation session (so keep an eye out for the pictures on our Facebook page on Friday!).

To learn more about what the event, watch the beautiful video above. And please join us on Friday by meditating!

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