OmvanaOver the last few days, the team here at Mindvalley has been putting the finishing touches on the greatest innovation in meditation history in over 3000 years.

This project has been so high-level and secretive, that some of the world’s most brilliant software engineers have been tucked away in a corner of Mindvalley HQ tirelessly working on this project (don’t worry, they have had access to food, water and breaks!).

Their goal: to build a new platform to get powerful meditation programs into the hands of millions for practically free, while eliminating some of the most common problems people experience while meditating.

So… after one year of brainstorming, coding and yerba mate-fueled all-nighters, they have finally cracked it.

And before they cut the proverbial red ribbon and release what they’ve been pouring their hearts, almighty brains and souls into, as a teaser, they’re giving away five of the best meditation tracks that form part of this secret for free… but only until February 14.

So if you haven’t already,  sign up here to gain access to five powerful meditation tracks from some of the world’s greatest minds in personal growth and meditation.

And on February 14, you’ll also get the new tool they’ve developed… for free!

But to get it 100% free, you must download it precisely within 24 hours of when it’s announced.

Already downloaded the tracks? We’d love to hear what you think them below :-)

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