“What seeds of intention have you planted that you would like to see manifest in 2013? ”

Unless you lived in a cave for the last 20 years, you would have heard a lot of talk about a shift occurring on the planet. Change is aplenty and for some it’s been challenging moving through this process. Many are experiencing fear and apprehension while others are radiating with more love, light and focus.

In effect, this is a battle being played out between the forces of Light and Dark. This battle has been going on for a long time, however now it is intensifying. It is a challenging time on the planet. Many people are struggling with this paradigm shift. The forces of Light and Love are coming through and a re-alignment with this new vibration on the planet is essential for more harmony.

Think of a light switch with a dimmer. If the dimmer on the switch is turned down to low, and you slowly increase it, the more light that comes into the room means there is less darkness. This is happening on the planet.

But the darkness won’t to go without a fight.

For many generations we have held onto this darkness. We’ve held onto our guilt, our shame, our anger, our hatred, our poverty, our religions, our politics, our separation and our differences. We have been defined by it and when you have this as your measuring rod for who we are, it’s not easy to just drop it and move into a new paradigm that we have never experienced before. Moving into this unknown can be wrought with fear and anxiety.

How do we cope with this transition into the New Year? How do we navigate our way through this shifting time? What goals do you have in place for 2013?

If you are using Vision Boards, fridge notes, or simply planting affirmations for your 2013 goals in your head, be sure to aim high. This is the year for big things. You are worthy and capable of amazing things! So be bold with your goals.

Here are eight guidelines to follow so that you may experience more flow, more light and less fear and anxiety in your transition through 2013:

1. Meditate Each Day

Meditation has been proven to rest your mind and body and ‘reset’ you back to optimal levels of well being. Meditation also enhances your inner light and love.

2. Bring Your Attention to Your Heart Space

Studies by HeartMath have proven that when we place our attention on our heart, there is a biochemical and physiological shift of wellness in the body.

3. Forgive Yourself & Forgive Others

Harbouring anger and hatred is toxic for our own body. When we learn to forgive ourselves and others we shift our own energetic state to one of love

4. Stretch, Do Yoga, Stretch

Stretching and yoga help open up the body and unblock the flow of live force through us. This life force is our vitality, our energy, our immune system and gives us a spring in our step each day!

5. Drink 2 to 4 Litres of Filtered Water a Day

Our body is 70% water and yet most fluids people drink are alcohol, caffeine or sugary drinks like soda or fruit juice. These drinks contribute to the dehydrating effect on the body. It’s vitally important that we flush out the toxins in our body with clean fresh water and continue to hydrate regularly.

6. Go to Bed By 10pm

Syncing our body with the circadian rhythms of nature is important to achieve maximum rest and well-being. Its been proven that 8 hours sleep between 10pm and 6am is far more beneficial than 8 hours sleep between 1am and 9am.

7. Rise With the Sun

When we rise and greet the sun each day with gratitude we start our day on a very positive uplifting foundation. This is a great base to build the rest of your day on.

8. Surround Yourself With Positive People

People emit energy. Some people emit positive energy and some emit negative energy. Who you circulate with will determine a lot about how you feel each day. If you can minimise hanging around negative people you will find your own energy levels lift.

These guiding steps will help you transition into the New Year of 2013 with ease and grace. As the planet’s vibration shifts, you’ll be able to adjust with it and keep aligned with the higher frequency of Love and Light, leaving behind the past and any darkness that resides there. From that space you’ll be equipped to manifest your highest goals and dreams!

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, full of joy and fun, take care and here’s to an amazingly, awesomely, lusciously filled 2013!

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