We went digging through our archives to source some of the best Manifesting posts we’ve ever published over the years. Get ready for a dose of inspiration to create the dream life you’ve always imagined might be possible…

Because your dream life IS within reach, and as a Reality Architect you have the power to design it exactly to your own customized specifications. So dip into these posts and celebrate the awesome power inside you :)

The Five Levels Of Manifesting

In this video (one of the most viewed posts ever published on FinerMinds!) Vishen shares his experiences in discovering the different levels of manifesting that go beyond mere ‘Positive Thinking’.

The Power To Manifest – Don’t Let Your Limiting Beliefs Stop You

Guest Author Dawn Delvecchio talks about the 3 things to keep in mind when it comes to manifesting and limiting beliefs.

Manifesting What You Want – How Do You Do It?

Vishen asked the community to share their experiences with manifesting…. and we had an incredible 1249 comments from people sharing what works for them!

Don’t Touch That Dial! 4 Tips To Boost Your Manifesting Power

A few tips on how you can easily boost your manifesting power…


What’s Your Manifesting Personality Style?

Guest author Summer McStravick highlights the 4 main manifesting personality styles that work well for certain types of people.

These are some of our favorite Reality Architecture related posts that we’ve published on FinerMinds over the years… we hope you enjoyed them! Let us know if you’ve spotted any more that you’d recommend we add to the list :)

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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  • Avatar Poonam Oberoi says:

    Hi Vishen ,
      the reality architects all the steps and visuals …received , but  somehow the obstacles stated in the last  videoi fully dont agree to all of them , however the  alpha music was a real bliss  , havent  been able to access to few videos on  finer mind   site ? whats  wrong  ? Need your help please …vishen , o.k after receiving silva mind training stuff and steve astrals …i feel  personally  i should go thru these  trainilngs , am at a wrong place,,should be si tting with some silva mind instructor  hows   ….. awesome fest celebs  going  on how many spots left ? 
      new mindvalley  projection is superb , …….the website is  beautiful !   Change  …..  all the way ? Davids ten points on happiness are  perfect  , happiness is a state of mind and  fully at wills control !


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