The word ‘Manifesting’ is starting to wear at the seams. Even though it’s a kind of ‘new kid on the (lexicon) block’, it’s tossed around so much these days that it risks a similar fate to tunes like “Free Bird” and “Stairway to Heaven”. You know – when you hear them on the radio, you kind of roll your eyes and then turn the dial.

But we all know why those tunes are played ad nauseum – because they absolutely ROCK. So too with manifesting (not the word but the deed).

We’re on the cusp of an age here folks, and it’s an exciting time. For thousands of years (some estimate about 6 or more), most humans have been living with a belief that a few have power over the many, and you’re lot in life was a result of your birth, (and maybe a dash of luck). The concept of ‘manifesting’ anything at all probably didn’t even cross people’s minds, let alone their lips.

But that groovy, 60s tune from the 5th-Dimension is coming of age, and with this ‘dawning’ of the Age of Aquarius, comes the human awareness of just how mighty we are.

We have quantum science to thank for putting the puzzle pieces together. And once we really ‘get it’ that EVERYTHING is energy, then manifesting power is at our command.

Here’s a few tips for how you can easily boost your manifesting power (without causing any eyeballs to roll or turning the dial).

1. Thinking, thinking, thinking …

Numero Uno, folks – what you think is what you get. So if you really want to boost your manifesting power, your number one task is to get a handle on your thoughts. Until you really take charge of what you’re thinking about and how you’re thinking about things, you can expect to get more of the same.

2. You’re already doing it

Yep, you’ve got the power already. In fact, you’ve been a manifesting machine all your life. Everything in your life – from your health to your friends, your environment and your mood are all manifestations you created. So if you don’t like what’s showing up, let me refer you to number 1, above.

3. “Why, thank you kindly”

When you’ve got your head wrapped around numbers 1 & 2, the action really begins! Gratitude, as they say, is an attitude. What kind of attitude? The right kind to boost your manifesting power. When you start looking for things to think-and-thank about, you totally switch your vibration. And your vibration, which is informed by and creates your thoughts, is the manifestation machine.

4. Imagine that!

AKA: Visualise. If you want to give your manifesting powers a turbo charge in a specific direction, harness your imagination and dedicate at least a few minutes – every day – to seeing what you want as already real. The more detail you can bring to the picture, and the more physical senses you can trigger with these images, the quicker you’ll bring what you want into your life.

What do you do to boost your manifesting power? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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