manifesting abundanceIf manifesting abundance is on your mind these days, then it’s time to become a detective. Yep, it’s time for you to grab your magnifying glass, pipe, and checkered deerstalker hat to start finding the clues of the abundance already manifesting in your life. Like the famous fictional detective whose sleuthing smoked Scotland Yard again and again, it’s time for you to ‘smoke’ the supposed ‘reality’ before you to find out the truth behind any mystery surrounding lack.

Manifesting Abundance Starts Here

Okay, I’m being silly – sort of. But the truth is, manifesting abundance starts by feeling abundant. Because when you feel abundant, by the very nature of the law of attractions, you’ll attract more abundance.

“Okay, Dawn,” you might be saying, “But if I’m not living in abundance yet, how the heck can I feel  abundant?”

Good question.

My answer? Become a detective and sleuth out every single aspect of your life that already IS abundant. (And unless you are starving in a 4th world country reading this right now, believe me, there’s plenty of abundance in your life.) Don’t believe me? Okay, check out some of these abundant gifts:

    • Safe drinking water on tap, whenever you need it.
    • Eyes that can read these words.
    • The freedom to think a gazillion things a day.
    • The freedom to have your own opinions.
    • Shelter in bad weather.
    • Access to the internet, with it’s squillions of bytes of info.
    • Enough food to eat.
    • A selection of clothes to choose from depending on your need or your mood.
    • How many pairs of shoes do you have? Did you know most peeps around the world have between 0 and 1 pairs?
    • Colors – how many colors can you see when you look around right now.
    • Smells – how many different smells do you suppose you smell in a day?
    • Radio stations.
    • CDs/DVDs/movies you’ve watched.
    • Pieces of food in your fridge.
    • Number of restaurants you’ve ever eaten at.
    • Number of family members and friends whom you’ve laughed with in your life.
    • Number of working organs in your body.

Get the idea? You see, the more things you can find that are abundant in your life (usually things we take for granted), the less and less you’ll feel the feelings of lack. And when you start to do this consistently, things have to change because YOU have changed your vibe about abundance.

I know this sounds terribly simple. Maybe that’s why so few peeps actually make the effort to find the good amidst the struggle and see the abundance amidst perceived limitation. But when you really have a look at the folks who are living in abundance, they’ll all tell you the same thing – they never focus on lack.

Okay, I’ve started the list for you, now I’d love for you to add to it! Please share a few of the abundances in your life with me in the comments section below!

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