You know your thoughts matter. You know that if you could just pay more attention, you’d focus more on what you want and not what you don’t want. But time and time again you keep catching yourself running around the same mental ‘pony track’, thinking the same, unconstructive thoughts and feeling like you’re getting no where. Sound familiar? Yep, You and lots of other folks struggle with these exact issues. And so to help get you out of the rutted pony track of your mind and onto the track of the life you want, here are 3 simple law of attraction exercises that you can use to supercharge your manifestation powers.

1. Start Your Day The Gratitude Way

First things first! Before getting up, brushing your teeth, walking the dog or even relieving yourself, the first thing you want to do every single morning is say 3 things you’re thankful for. They don’t have to be massive things, but they should make you feel good to think of. They should trigger a sense of appreciation within you, even if for a moment. With time, you’ll start to get more ‘traction’ with this habit, coming up with more and more wonderful little parts of your life to think-n-thank about.

2. Remember the Opposite

Whenever life brings you things or experiences you don’t like and don’t want, consider this: The more you dislike something, the more clear you can be about what you really want. So if you can’t stand some part of your job – maybe your key responsibilities bore you to tears – then this is great information to help you begin to harness and redirect your thoughts toward the kind of work that would engage your senses and totally inspire you. Here’s another example: Maybe your current car is a P.O.S. (piece of s**t) and every time you get in it, you feel aggravation. Well, instead of focusing on everything that’s wrong with your current car, start thinking about your ideal car which has a reliable starter, great tires, rockin’ sound system and (my personal fav) heated seats.

3. Charge It!

I don’t mean going into debt. I mean that when you are thinking positive thoughts, super-charge them with emotion. You see, emotionally charged thoughts are way more powerful than your run-of-the-mill, emotionally neutral thoughts. So when you’re appreciating something or focusing on what you want to manifest, do everything you can to get joyful, pumped up and bursting with feel-good feelings :) Oh! and the opposite is true to – when you feel yourself getting negatively ‘charged’ by thoughts, stop it and redirect your thinking immediately!


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