Ever feel a little congested? Blocked up, maybe? Well, there’s a really good chance it’s not because you’re sick. You might have an energy block.

Listen carefully, because this is important. An energy block can prevent you not just from flow, peace, and happiness but it can actually hold you back from achieving your financial, career, and relationship goals.

That’s why we’re putting this up on FinerMinds. It’s a very personal interview between Christie Marie Sheldon and Love Or Above student, Teresa. Christie Marie actually performs a energy clearing during the interview so we really recommend you check it out.


Love Or Above Podcast
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  • Discover an extremely powerful technique that’ll help you enhance your affirmations for greater impact.
  • Listen in on an energy clearing as Christie Marie walks you step by step through the process so that you can learn how to raise your energy.

Christie Marie’s an awesome intuitive, psychic, and energy healer and has some of the best techniques out there. One of my favorite reads that we recommend personal growth junkies is her free Energy Booster Kit. It’s a full comprehensive report on the Scale of Consciousness and how you can change the 5 crucial areas of your life just by raising your vibrational frequency. It also goes into the science behind all of this too, which is fascinating.

Christie Marie will also give you a special video message too. Pretty awesome stuff. Definitely worth getting.

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