Tantra sexIn June, we touched on the subject of tantra sex, and looked at how it can be introduced into your relationship. To continue on with this topic, enlightened mystic and guest blogger, Shivo Osho (author of Creative Sex Vs. Destructive Sex ) explores tantra further.

In this article, Shivo makes a comparison between tantra and ordinary sex, looking at the difference between masculine and feminine energy, and at how we can connect with our cosmic intelligence. To help you discover tantra and introduce it to your sex life, next week Shivo will be taking us through a step-by-step guide. 

With the dawn of the new age, we are searching for divine consciousness in every dimension of life, including sex. No wonder that tantra sex arouses so much curiosity. However, as we start the journey to discover more of it, we often get confounded by all the different messages. In this article, I’ll explain the differences to ordinary and tantra sex, and help you start your own journey to more spiritual and fulfilling sex life.

The Trap Of Unhealthy Desire

Ordinary sex is driven by the desires. It has been observed that for men, more stress induces more desire, while for women, insecurity breeds the desire.

Hence it’s very natural that even if one has very good mundane sex, the maximum it can offer is to release stress for the man, and provide some solace of security to the woman.

However, this relief from stress and insecurity does not last long, as it rears its head again, further inducing the desire for sex. Very soon lovers begin to feel boredom in this sex routine.

Sometimes men will try to escape this by looking out for a new “adventure” and women somehow tolerate and cope with the sex, treating it as one of the necessities to continue in the relationship. Hence, it’s not surprising that the female orgasm has become a rare occurrence, causing immense frustration for women. Similarly, men feel sad and depressed after ejaculation. Therefore, even though there are strong compulsions to be having sex again and again, there is significant room for improvement in our sex lives.

Possibilities Of Soul Sex

Tantra sex is about the unification of masculine and feminine energy in utter purity. Hence tantra sex attains the state of worship, by way of soulful merger of two lovers. It bestows upon them the bliss of an energy dance, and connects them to superconscious state by way of deep surrender.

As the lovers experience the divinity, their identities begin to dissolve and they start to get permanent freedom from stress and insecurity. That is why tantric orgasms last very long and can continue to linger for many hours, or even days after lovemaking.

Also, every time, lovers enter into sex, they start from a higher base and hence their experience becomes more and more blissful, which is in total contrast to ordinary sex, where the sex continues to become duller after each experience.

Tantra sex causes the love, respect and adoration to grow between lovers, as they are taking each other into the divine realm of bliss and joy. Each time lovers melt into tantra bliss, the eternal experience of consciousness dawns upon them, blessing the lovers with deep satisfaction, freeing them from the trap of unhealthy desire.

Blissful Dynamics Of Masculine And Feminine Energy

Male and Female EnergySo why does tantra sex differ so widely from ordinary sex? The answer is very simple. Ordinary sex happens at the root chakra, while tantra sex causes the energy to rise from the root chakra until it reaches the crown chakra, crossing the heart and other chakras along the way.

As we travel up the chakras in the body, the capacity to impart bliss increases exponentially. The root chakra can impart only a very little bliss, akin to the drop of water, while the bliss released from the crown chakra can be understood as that of the ocean.

As the kundalini energy begins to rise through the sacral and solar chakra, it cleans up the hidden subconscious phobias, fears and other harmful patterns. As all the chakras vibrate with pulsating masculine and feminine energy, lovers enter the state of “two bodies, one soul”. This state bestows orgasm at every chakra while growing into the soul orgasm, which is often experienced as full body orgasm.

Love Is The Key For Quantum Leap Of Evolution

As lovers long to merge with each other, sex always serves as a phenomenon for personality integration. Two lovers sharing sex, also share the inner psychological, emotional and spiritual states of each other. Since ordinary sex is identity driven, both the lovers acquire each other’s identity. So, if one lover has tendency to become sad, the other lover will also pick up the sadness throughout their sexual relationship.

In tantra sex, lovers acquire each other’s divine qualities of love, intuition, creativity, courage and intelligence. Tantra sex causes their soul to become one and hence both of them take the quantum evolutionary leap. Deep tantra experience has the potential to merge all the learning both of them have gained throughout their separate journeys, even from past lives. Hence tantra is a great tool for quick evolution.

Integrating With Cosmic Intelligence

Tantra samadhi can even take the lovers beyond the full body orgasm as lovers experience boundless bliss into the vast cosmos. As lovers connect to the superconscious, they go through great esoteric experiences. This pure integration of masculine and feminine energy opens the gate to the possibilities of divine creation.

In this state, lovers can access the infinite divine qualities of intelligence, willpower, courage, love, intuition and creativity. Connecting to superconscious activates the connection to people, time and ideas in the whole planet and beyond, which are in your best interest to evolve.

Divine coincidences are likely to multiply as a consequence, as lovers become the divine channel for manifestation of cosmic plan. This is also the state, when many divine souls blesses you by way of merging their own consciousness with those of lovers. This state multiplies the power of any visualization done prior to this state.

Tantra not only allows you to experience a more fulfilling and soulful experience with your partner, it helps you connect to your body and mind through your chakras, and even to your past life. To learn more about tantra and how you can incorporate it into your sex life, read Shivo’s step-by-step guide next week.

If you’ve started your own tantric journey, we’d be interested in hearing how it’s helped you detach from the traditional desires linked with sex, and to connect you more with your mind.


Osho Shivo

Osho Shivo

Osho Shivo a.k.a. the consciousness evolution guide, is an enlightened mystic who has helped people explore the new horizons of spirituality through practices designed for modern times. His workshop, Celebrating Love, shifts the context of relationship between man and woman from conflict to celebration. He is also the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, a foundation that researches and develops the science of astrology. Visit him at his Facebook page, Facebook

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