At FinerMinds, we encourage you to surround yourself with supportive people who nurture your goals and your dreams. But unfortunately, some of these people may turn out to be just a little bit “nuts”. Like a sweet giant cookie that ends up bitter on your hips, it’ll take a lot of effort to shed these crazies from your life (unless of course you’re quick to spot them before it’s too late!).

relationship problemsWe stumbled across this amusing (but take our word on it – serious) article on recognizing psychopathic symptoms in three common staples in your daily circle – your lover, your friend and your boss.

Whether you have had the (dis)pleasure of experiencing a psycho in your life, counseled a friend through this problem or have laughed your way up this this point saying “yeah right, as if I couldn’t spot a psycho”, read on anyway – you will thank us!

Take, for instance, the girlfriend who declares her love for you one minute and threatens to return to her ex the next; or the boyfriend who seems present in company and with his affections, but appears to have a cold, cold heart when you need him to warm up. Psychopaths lack empathy, are good at imitating love and know how to take advantage of your emotional weaknesses.

Think your best friend is indeed the best for you? Someone who seems like the life of your party and goes the extra mile to win your trust may be a friend to keep, but when you find yourself wrung into cleaning up their endless mess and being bogged down with having to support them (emotionally and financially), it’s time to reassess the friendship band.

corporate world psychoThe article also states – “psychopaths are most frequently found in the corporate world”. So just when you think your boss personifies the qualities of a successful entrepreneur – confidence and ruthlessness – these are actually classic psychopathic traits (great…) and they could potentially harm your career and your growth if you don’t steer clear of them.

Of course, we’re not out to spark paranoia with these three relationships in your life (or are we? Ha!). Our message is simply that it is important for you to be aware of unhealthy relationships, as they could damage your personal growth, your self-esteem and your love and respect for yourself.

So have a read of the full article here to find out how to spot, dodge and tackle potential psychopaths!

Have you experienced relationship problems like this before? What was the outcome, and how did it change you? Do share with us!

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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