Here’s a neat idea: Take one minute every day to spread a little love. Surely, no matter how busy you are, you can spare a minute, no? Steven of the Wave 11:11 blog (found on the Spiritual Networks site) has started a one-minute love wave. He calls it the Oneness Minute and he wants it to spread. So we here at FinerMinds are doing our ‘spreadin’ part :) Check out his post below. We’ve reprinted the whole thing here for ya :)

Got One Minute to Share LOVE?

by Steven, Wave 11:11

Everyday at 11:11 am/pm or both, the Oneness Minute is a quiet moment to remember how connected we are to each other, to our planet and to the infinite.

The intention is for all of us to align with others around the world in celebration of our unity and recognize that we are One. The goal of this daily exercise is to shift global consciousness from the belief of separation to the experience of our natural connection.

The Oneness Minute was originally created by Humanity’s Team – one of the many organizations with the intentional mission of Awakening the world to Oneness. It is now being resurrected by ~ Wave 11:11 ~ on social media so we can all share this powerful One Minute together!

Spread the word and the Wave of love….

What a great way to start the weekend, eh? Are you ready for this shift n global consciousness? If you are, please share your oneness thought with us in the comments below.

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