Mindfulness in relationshipsNothing can quite throw a calm head into chaos like romance can.

Whether it’s the spark of a new flame and fear as to whether it will continue to light your fire, or the ringing of distressing alarm bells signaling that there’s trouble in paradise – the heart and the head are rarely in balance during these times.

To learn more about how we can maintain a mindful sense of being when our heart is sending our head into overdrive, we thought this article, written by Headspace, provided some interesting tips.

“The Post-Honeymoon Phase: Oh, so this is what a relationship feels like! Or maybe it’s not, you begin to think. Maybe what you were feeling before is what a real relationship should feel like and, maybe, it feels like this now simply because this isn’t the right person for you after all. But then what if they are the right person and you just never got far enough in any relationship to know what that feels like?

The mind becomes like a dog with a bone. It likes what it has now, but it prefers the jacked-up excitement of the early days and misses the stimulation. Rather than being present and enjoying this unique time, the un-trained mind begins to project forward. You begin to imagine a lifetime of boredom, void of any fun, lust or excitement. Needless to say, this is the mind spiraling out of control and, more often than not, it has little to do with reality. The truth is, the relationship doesn’t even really begin until the whirlwind of excitement has passed. The only thing that detracts from this phase is our tendency to compare with the past and our predilection for projecting scenarios for the future.”

To read the more about how to train the mind so you don’t let it control you in relationships, read the full article here.

We really loved this article, as sometimes no matter how much peace we invite into our lives, love can really throw things out of whack, wouldn’t you agree?

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