Loving yourselfCompared to the other loves, loving yourself can be one of the hardest loves to conquer. For most, loving your family or the people who raised you is an easy love that is as inherently natural as your love for Santa (before the dark truth was revealed, that is!).

Then as you grow up, love then turns to your friends, where nights spent revealing your latest crush while on school camp or forming a united front over the school bully bounds your friendship tighter than the sacred “pinky swear”, as not matter what, you’ve always got each others backs.

And of course, romantic love then takes hold, a love far deeper and complex than any love you’ve felt before, where it has the capacity to send you from dizzying heights of ecstasy to days where you can’t feel a thing after heartbreak has set in.

But throughout all the ups and downs of all the different types of love, we’ve all heard that possibly the most important love and relationship you need to sustain, cherish, maintain and work on…is the one with yourself.

After all, don’t you just radiate with love that little bit more when your friend tells you about one of their quirky mishaps, or when your mother after years of trying, still can’t understand the concept of email so will call you days after sending one to ask if you’ve received hers (instead of checking her inbox to see your reply)?

It’s these imperfections that makes us love them more, after all, no-one is perfect and dare we say…perfection is boring.

So why is it that we sometimes cast our own imperfections with ridicule, rather than love or understanding? There are many techniques you can adopt to foster a great love for yourself, however we recently stumbled across this technique which we thought was very simple, and quite heartwarming.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

Next time you’re being particularly hard on yourself and you’re surrounding yourself with negativity rather than love and compassion, imagine your six-year-old self.

Picture yourself happily playing with your toys without a care in the world, and the innocence that surrounds you. Perhaps your wearing your favorite childhood outfit and you’re filled with laughter and love.

How could you not love the image of that beautiful little you? Even thinking about them makes you smile, doesn’t it? Especially when you think of your little quirks as a child (you know, the ones your family still laugh about even though you’re now 39 and have your own children!).

You wouldn’t blame your six-year-old self for not being the best at something, or for being what makes them unique and so incredibly special in their own way, would you?

So doesn’t really make sense for you to do the same now as an adult, does it? We all have our differences and our flaws, accepting and embracing them is one of the most liberating and healthy things you can do for the most important and long-standing relationship you’ll ever have.

Therefore, next time you find yourself being particularly hard on yourself, transport your mind back to when you were a little child and appreciate your unique qualities. Embrace what others find endearing and remind yourself that no-one is perfect…. not even the innocent six-year-old you.

Have you overcome “relationship hurdles” within yourself and discovered how to love yourself, unconditionally? Tell us about them below. 


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