Looking for love?When searching for love, your nearest and dearest family members and friends are often enthusiastic about offering their various strategies and thoughts during your quest for “the one.”

While their well-meaning advice is appreciated (well, some of the time!), it’s important to understand what works best for you, and to look for the answers within when searching for life’s most personal and important answers, such as love.

Which is why we liked a recent article published on Oprah, as it provides some very practical questions you should ask yourself if you’re looking to find your heart’s unique match (minus the probing questions designed to make you feel inadequate!).

The article emphasizes the fact that you should take your time to find the person that ticks the important boxes for you, but it also helps you assess whether there’s anything in your routine that might be limiting your chances of meeting someone.

For example, by spending too much time with your comfortable, close-knit (and coupled) group of friends:

“Hanging out with people you love is comforting. I understand this. In fact, I am the married woman who wants nothing more than to laugh my head off all night over by the chocolate fondue with my many stunning, intelligent single friends. But this is why I’m writing this article: because I want you to know all the things I’ve been thinking about for years – years I spent both with and without a partner. You must dump me… falling in love is a risk, one that for better or for worse, must be taken alone.”

To learn of some of the other points, read the full article here, and to find out how you can raise your personal vibration frequency to attract abundance, happiness – sign-up to receive your free Love or Above Energetic Breakthrough Kit.

What do you think of the six questions in the article? Share your thoughts below.

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