Is Facebook Affecting Your RelationshipsIf you’re an avid user of Facebook or other forms of social media, or perhaps your kids are, you may have noticed that our progression to “marketing” ourselves online has had an impact on our relationships (in some cases more than others).

Even those who have turned their back on the social media craze still have not been able to completely escape it’s ever-growing presence since it catapulted onto the scene.

Even my own mother, who if she could would head up the an anti-computer movement and revert society back to times where the book was mightier than the ipad, has not escaped it’s force. While she may not have an account herself, she has over the last few years mentioned snippets of gossip she’s heard from friends’ discoveries on Facebook.

But as you know, a picture (or status update) can paint a thousand words and what people convey to the rest of the world isn’t always an accurate description of their lives. We tend to only present ourselves in the best light on Facebook– so even if your ex appears to be out partying and having a fantastic time post-breakup, this is all you see (not them moping around feeling sad or lonely!).

What caught our attention with the infographic below (besides the interesting statistics) is that it gives you examples of Facebook etiquette you should follow when a relationship has come to an end. While it might seem strange that social media has affected us so much, if you have ever broken up with someone that you happen to be Facebook friends with, you’ll know that this can be a tricky situation. For example, do you decide to stay friends, or do you have an amicable conversation where you both decide that it’s best to sever your online relationship in order to move on (and possibly stay friends)?

Check out the below infographic and tell us what you think!

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