Bruce Lee once said “any fool can shoot a .45”. In other words, just because you’re packing a gun doesn’t mean you’re strong, smart or courageous. There’s a myth in our world that courageous men are violent men. That courage is about dominance, control, even intimidation.

This is a lie.

If you want to see true courage, then check out this vid.  These are men choosing conscious living and conscious love, which means taking full responsibility for their role in toxic gender relations.


How does this vid make you feel? Women, can you accept this apology from men and move forward with them as your allies? Men – do you have the courage and conviction to stand by these words, even in the face of so many other males still insisting on the old way? Leave a comment and let us know.

If this video moves you, please, please share it. Now more than ever, we simply cannot afford to continue living in a paradigm of domination and violence. And as men awaken, conscious living can surely succeed!




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