Trust is what makes us feel closer to those around us – without it, our relationships only dare to touch the surface of what could potentially lead to very deep and meaningful connections.

When someone has broken your trust, particularly in a romantic relationship, it can be difficult to learn to trust that person again. And when you meet someone new, it’s easy to paint him or her with the same untrustworthy brush.

This, of course, isn’t a fair or a healthy way to start a new relationship, as it only builds feelings of resentment and limits the level of intimacy you experience with that new person. Furthermore, living with the view that you can never trust anyone except for yourself makes for a very solitary life.

But how do you learn to trust again when you’ve been let down by someone you love? The article Starting Fresh: Learning To Trust Again, shares seven tips to help you wipe the slate clean and learn to trust again. This includes listening to your intuition by seeking out people who you feel are trustworthy, and believing in the possibility of a loving and trusting relationship.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“You CAN move past the heartbreak of broken trust. Even if you’ve been deeply wounded or if you’ve experienced traumatic and repeated episodes of betrayal, you don’t have to let another person’s untrustworthiness affect your ability to trust. Learning to trust means becoming confident that things will work out how you want them to – or better.”

Still looking for further faith that you can trust someone? Well, if new research is anything to go by, you can always try hugging it out. According to a study carried out by the University of North Carolina, hugs that last over 20 seconds release a chemical in your body called oxytocin, which makes you trust someone more. This is also good news for your health, as releasing this friendly hormone is also good for your blood pressure – reducing your risk of heart disease.

Trust can be hard to build again once you feel it’s been shattered, by over the long run, it’s not only essential for intimate and loving relationships, but it seems it’s also great for your health.

Have you ever had your trust broken by someone before? If you have, how long did it take for you to move on, and did you find it difficult to let go and trust again?

P.S. Are you harnessing the power of your intuition?

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