Being a dad doesn’t come with a manual.

Some people are are lucky enough to have experienced a wonderful relationship with father that they can learn from and, in turn, model to their own children.

But for those who had an absent father, or perhaps never felt very connected with their parent, it can be especially difficult to know how to connect with your own child.

In this 3-minute video, social activist and educator, Geoffrey Canada, explains that there are actually concrete action steps you can take to cultivate and nurture the father-son bond. Some of his suggestions include things such as cooking a meal together, teaching your son how to do something you love, or even showing up at their school – just because.

Watch the video to find out the rest of things fathers can do to help create awesome relationships with their sons.

We love his tips! Do you have any other things you would suggest for all the dads and father figures out there?

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