Does your to-do list leave you feeling panicked and somewhat resentful by all the onerous tasks that seem to be inferring with you experiencing a more enriched life? Simple things, like meeting new people or riding your bike more?

Ever thought about creating a list that entails only life’s simple and most beautiful pleasures, while eliminating some of the tasks that prevents you from achieving this balanced bliss?

To get you started, watch this two-minute video as it artistically glides you through a list of tasks you should be doing less of, and more importantly, the type of activities you should be enjoying more of.

Not sure about you, but we feel relaxed and more content just listening to the music in! As for the list, it’s a gentle reminder of the simpler, more important things in life.

Which simple pleasures do you cherish most? Tell us what would be on your list.

Guide to Inspired Life