Who knew Skype could merge from an online video tool designed to serve as a means for international videoconferencing, telecommunication via webinars, and now- art?

A portrait by Sandro Kopp takes an approximate three hours per subject to paint. Subjects range from the likes of actor John C. Reilley and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. to film favorite Frances McDormand and love-light Tilda Swinton.

The whole point is that people sit for me for the entire duration of the painting so I don’t really touch them once the sitter isn’t there anymore, Kopp indicates.

The Scottish actor recently composed a solo show of portrait paintings at Lehmann Maupin gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York, titled- “Here We Are”.

The portraits were not painted from still-life or a photograph; instead- the portraits were painted from live Skype chats and sittings.

The Skype sessions allowed opportunities for Kopp to interact with his subjects as well as serve as a digital template for both hazy and closely-replicated paintings.

Demonstrating that art can serve as both a means of communication, engagement, inspiration, and portrait- this Scottish actor is taking art to a new level with room to expand on the creativity that he finds in all:

I think they’re all creative people and it’s part of being a creative person to help other creative people with their work, notes Kopp.

How can this encourage your self-expression? Attempt effort in thinking outside of the box- using an alternative medium of choice to express your creativity? There’s not a palette to stray from or a medium to think twice about- consider the miracle that you are, the ability that you possess, and the medium to which you can change the world…one portrait at a time.

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